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What to do after filing your workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Illinois law allows you to recover workers’ compensation benefits after you suffer an injury at work. After you file your claim for benefits, there are several things you must do to increase your chance of your benefits being approved.

Seek medical care as soon as you can after the injury. You must prove that the injury happened at work and that your employment was a contributing factor to your injury. Waiting too long to seek medical treatment can make it harder to prove these things.

You will likely be required to see a doctor from your employer’s list of approved doctors for workers’ compensation benefits. When you see this doctor, tell them that you are there because of a work-related injury. This notifies them that your employer should cover the medical expenses.

What to give your employer

Provide your employer with the name and contact information of the doctor you choose. You may only be required to see an employer approved doctor for a certain number of visits and then switch over to your own. Make sure to update your employer if you change doctors.

Additionally, give your employer all medical records related to your workplace injury. Your employer must receive necessary medical documentation and information related to the workplace injury to issue benefits. However, you are under no obligation to give your employer access to all your medical records, only those related to your workplace injury.

Do what your doctor says

Follow your doctor’s instructions and recommendations. The purpose of workers’ compensation benefits is to ensure you continue to receive an income until your injury heals and you can go back to work.

You can initially be approved for benefits but lose them if evidence shows that you are not following your doctor’s treatment recommendations.

Taking these steps does not guarantee you will receive workers’ compensation benefits. There are other things you must prove for a valid claim. However, claims are sometimes denied simply for missing one of these simple steps.