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Taft-Hartley pension funds offer much-deserved benefits to union members of different-sized employers. However, the regulations associated with these funds are immensely complex and require the counsel of a knowledgeable firm.

At Karmel & Torres, LLC, we have served Illinois and Michigan for more than 50 years and dedicated our practice 100% to labor and employment law. Our team is at the forefront of every new development in labor and employment law, allowing us to provide cutting-edge representation to our clients.

Understanding Taft-Hartley Pension Funds

Under the federal Taft-Hartley Act of 1947, unions have the option of negotiating the same pension plan with multiple employers. This allows them to provide uniform pensions for union members who have small- or mid-sized employers. These types of defined benefit plans are known as Taft-Hartley pension funds or multiemployer plans.

Cohesive Counsel For All Pension Fund Matters

Our employee benefit law attorneys regularly represent workers who are trustees of existing Taft-Hartley funds regarding the payment of their benefits. We also serve union officials who are interested in creating such plans. Just a few of the services we provide include:

  • Drafting Taft-Hartley plans
  • Reviewing plan documents
  • Amending existing pension plans
  • Benefit claims and appeals
  • Fiduciary responsibility
  • Reporting and disclosure
  • Delinquent contribution claims
  • Trust litigation

We are steadfastly loyal to labor unions and the individuals who comprise them. In us, you will find allies who understand all current advancements in the ever-changing fields of labor law and ERISA as they apply to pensions.

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