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Injured At Work? Get The Guidance And Compensation You Need.

If you are hurt on the job badly enough to need medical attention, you may have a lot of concerns. How are you going to get paid? What if your injury means you can’t perform your job anymore? Who is going to pay for your medical and rehab expenses?

One of the first things to do when you’re hurt at work is to call the legal team at Karmel & Torres, LLC. Our lawyers have been protecting workers’ rights in Chicago and nationwide for more than two generations. Our lead workers’ compensation attorney, Joshua Karmel, has more than 30 years of experience representing clients moving through the workers’ compensation program. Josh has recovered millions of dollars in workers’ compensation benefits for clients and frequently appears as a speaker at state and national conferences in this complex area of employment law.

We Are With You Throughout The Workers’ Compensation Process

Josh and the other skilled attorneys at Karmel & Torres, LLC will consult with you wherever you find yourself in the workers’ compensation process. We can help you with the following, among other services:

  • Help you determine if you are covered by the workers’ compensation system in Illinois (most workers in the state are, from the moment they are hired)
  • Advise you on the proper medical experts to examine your injury, to ensure you are not responsible for paying the bill
  • Provide guidance on how to properly report your injury and file a claim, especially if your employer is insisting your injury is not work related
  • Explain the types of benefits you can receive through the system, including medical treatment coverage, income while you are recovering, vocational rehabilitation services and permanent disability payments
  • Representing you in an appeal if your initial workers’ compensation claim is denied
  • Providing representation in all disputes between you and your employer related to your claim

Do not risk leaving valuable compensation and benefits on the table by trying to negotiate the system by yourself. Our firm only works with employees and labor unions, so there will never be any question about where our loyalties lie.

Show Them You Mean Business. Talk To A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today.

To request a free initial consultation with one of our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys, call us at 312-680-0797 or use our online contact form. Based in Chicago, Karmel & Torres, LLC serves clients across Illinois, in parts of western Michigan and nationwide.