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Employee Benefits

Federal law regarding employee benefits has seen unprecedented change in the law, from the Pension Protection Act to the Affordable Care Act. Seasoned legal guidance is essential for remaining on top of the legal requirements in this fast-paced area of law.

At the Karmel & Torres, LLC, a full-service employment and labor law firm, our attorneys keep abreast of the latest developments in employee benefit law. With decades of experience, we excel at efficiently navigating legal challenges and providing proactive strategies. We provide legal guidance and representation for unions, employees and pension funds in Illinois, Michigan and nationwide.

Representation For Taft-Hartley Pension And Welfare Funds

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing Taft-Hartley pension and welfare funds. Trustees turn to us for knowledgeable, comprehensive counsel. Our attorneys are skilled at maneuvering the fast-changing legal realm of ERISA, pension and health reform.

Our lawyers provide cutting-edge counsel on the provisions and impact of:

  • The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)
  • The Pension Protection Act
  • The Affordable Care Act
  • Other laws governing health benefits, retirement plans and more

Representation For Employees: Protecting And Recovering Your Employee Benefits

Our firm helps protect the rights of employees with regard to their benefits. Were you promised benefits — such as a pension or health coverage — only to be denied those benefits when you went to claim them? Unfortunately, many retirees and employees find themselves in this situation. Economic pressures can lead employers to unlawfully withhold, deny or downgrade benefits.

We can analyze the legal duties of your employer and help you recover the benefits you deserve.

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