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What are the common errors in settlement contracts?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC) works hard to help workers file their applications after sustaining occupational injuries or health conditions. They made the process more convenient by rolling out a portal where workers can access resources and submit requirements for their cases.

Today, workers can easily file everything they need for their workers’ compensation application online, along with accompanying documentation. They could also submit settlement contracts which are essential to the entire process.

However, these contracts might still return from the IWCC. They receive thousands of submissions but still sift through them and send them back whenever they spot errors. This step might seem annoying, but it is vital to guarantee the case information’s accuracy.

The IWCC determined the following common mistakes among settlement contract submissions:

  • Computation errors
  • Inaccurate formatting
  • Incorrectly filled in details
  • Missing signatures
  • Wrong or missing dates
  • Incorrect attorney’s fees
  • Improper alterations without initials and dates
  • Empty fields
  • Other errors with attachments, such as cover letters

Making these mistakes could lead to processing delays. Fortunately, you could take measures to prevent them from happening.

Preparation is vital to expedite the workers’ compensation process

Proper planning and preparation help avoid contract returns or delays. Also, take note of the information you need to indicate in your documents and the number of copies you require. Sometimes, a procedure would need more than a couple of copies, depending on the circumstances. Always consider this possibility as you work your way through the paperwork.

Additionally, keep in mind any postage requirements that could affect how you receive approved contracts or other responses. The procedures for your case could vary, so stay in touch with the relevant people to know what to do next.

The entire process could seem tedious and bothersome. However, it is necessary to receive enough resources and help you keep up with your work injury or illness.