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Workers are the backbone of our nation’s economy. Despite legal advances in employees’ rights, workers at all levels still suffer from unfair treatment, discrimination and illegal employment practices.

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At the Karmel & Torres, LLC, with offices in Chicago and in West Michigan, we are dedicated to righting these wrongs. Our practice is devoted 100 percent to labor and employment law. We only represent employees and unions, and we are passionate about advocating for the advancement of workers’ rights.

Since the firm’s founding more than 50 years ago, we have won numerous victories on behalf of workers throughout the country from diverse industries and backgrounds. For example, we have recovered millions of dollars in unpaid overtime and wages for employees.


Protecting Employees' Rights

Protecting Employees’ Rights

Labor Law


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Labor law is one of the most complex and dynamic legal areas. At the Karmel & Torres, LLC, our attorneys are tireless advocates for unions. We represent some of the largest unions in the country, meeting nearly every type of legal need, from grievance arbitration to internal elections to hearings before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). We understand not only the intricacies of labor law, but also the inner workings of unions and their industries as well as the agencies that oversee them.
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